Industry: IT
Location: Moravia
Duration: 2 months

IT company focused on data management and evaluation for state administration with more than 15 years of experience. The development department created a separate unique product, focused on data analysis and visualization for business companies.


The company enters a market with a new product, unknown to them. He does not have enough experience to successfully start a B2B project. The owners of the idea know that the technical solution is useful for commercial companies, but they cannot transfer the idea to “trade”.


As part of the consultations, a project team was created, with which we defined the basic parameters of the project using the Innovation Project Charter. Using the Business Model Canvas, a Go-to-market strategy was created, including all the conditions necessary for the successful entry of a new product into the trading markets. The set strategy was extended by action steps and metrics for evaluating the success of the project.

Together with a team of salespeople within the training, we created a matrix of unique sales parameters and business arguments to strengthen business skills.


The company used its experience in setting business strategies, which:

  • define and delimit the market it enters;
  • clarify the definition of the selection of the customer portfolio and the segment with the highest growth potential by analysis and prediction;
  • defined the offer and anchored the position of the brand by creating a USP company;
    set up optimal marketing tools and distribution channels;
  • by creating an argumentative FAB, the battery streamlined the actions of traders in the “field”.

Using the knowledge and experience of a consultant, the company underwent a change in mindset to the business strategy for a new product, thus significantly reducing the time to A / finding the optimal tools for creating a business funnel, B / avoiding the common strategy of “shooting what moves” and C / equipped traders with argumentative batteries for field work. It created a targeted list of 800 items of potential (customers), of which 6 business opportunities are in the negotiation phase in the first month after the start of cooperation.

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