june 2020


Industry: IT
Location: Moravia
Duration: 2 months

IT supplier of solutions for the development of artificial intelligence. From the current team, 20 employees are redirected to the Spin Off project sponsored by the investor.


Creating a Spin off project. Change management for the relocation of chosen employees to the project, setting „easy“ structure for operation of the company. The requirement to maintain the current corporate culture of a high-tech startup by the owner and setting the principles of project management and internal standards including distributed performance-based pay required by the investor.  The mother company has no experience with project management, i.e. the rules of communication, data transfer by reporting and mainly managing the risks of the project.


Consultation with the owner of the mother company and the investor of the project regarding defining the intersection of the match between interconnectedness of sophisticated project management and the relaxed “non-performance” culture of the company. Setting the organizational scheme of the new organizational unit and indicating the key communicators of change.  Individual team meetings and facilitation of team think tanks. Defining identical elements and communication meetings to describe the project processes to the language of IT. Creating a booklet of questions and answers concerning the changes. Creating an internal chat platform to continuously capture feedback from employees.  Creating a platform of informal meetings with the investor and the owner of the company essential for generation Z and for continuous operation in order to keep the top developers in the company. 

Designing setting of project management of the organization including implementation of the evaluated data on the project phases to ERP, for reasons of transparency.  Finding the most suitable supplier of on-job project management training. Creating a model of remuneration according to the principles of project management and presentation to the change management to approve it.  


Successful connection of the culture of a high-tech startup and sophisticated project management of the company. Approved essential internal value of “simplicity“, which is implemented to all the steps from invoicing to communication in the supply chain. Created  a “tribal council” working as an arbiter of sustainability of values. Model of remuneration and team motivation created. Rules of project controlling including control of data communication through time created. Project manager appointed and all the company employees take part in project management training taking place in the company made to measure its conditions.

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