Becoming a successful interim manager, counselor or coach doesn’t happen by snapping your fingers but it is a daily hard job.

Strengthened by dozens of tense situations and many years of experience gained in companies in various fields, with different team dynamics and shared stories of people.

I think the same way I talk. I talk the same way I act. Both in private and public. It is our family tradition, an attitude passed down for generations. And it makes my life easier.

All my career, I have been dealing with solving complex problems, improving processes, mobilizing the performance of teams as well as individuals and helping people adapt to work and lifechanges. I believe that if you like what you do, you will succeed. I approach working for my clients in the same way. Why am I doing this? Because I can and I am able to.

more than

working hours for clients

years of experience

trained hours


I simply enjoy being at one place together with you, changing something into SOMETHING. I provoke laziness and being cycled in “impossibilism”.
I encourage sharing experience and searching for new ways. I believe in performance and morality.
I simply roll up my sleeves and jump into action with you. Together with you, I take the non-functional procedures and processes to pieces and reassemble the daily standards so that they make sense to you. I bet on the common sense, uncomplicated procedures and realistic solutions.
I know sensibly all types of team energy scenarios. I do not advise on the basis of what has been learned or read. I pass on experience from many fields of business.
This is what enables me to adapt quickly and see the unseen, the hidden. I bring the best, proven, successful solutions.
I work on my own as I have found out it is not possible to clone my approach. Despite dozens of personal meetings on all projects, I remember your name and use “WE” from the very beginning. The moment we start working together, you are my family. I support and protect my family. I always act in the interestof my client. I work honestly and act fair.


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